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Foto: IARA by Marina Guzzo (Credits: Gui Galembeck)


AnthropoScenes – Crossing Boundaries of Artistic and Scientific Storytelling


September 25, 7.00–10.30 pm
Rufffactory Ehrenfeld (Marienstraße 73, 50825 Cologne)
-- Free entry! --


The evening is a joint event by the DELTA - Hydrosocial Anthropocene Research Group and the Cologne Summer School of Interdisciplinary Anthropology (IV) Beyond Humanism at the University of Cologne that aims at interrogating the boundaries of academic and artistic storytelling. In their works, Anna Badkhen, Anastasia Guevel, Marina Guzzo, and Sina Seifee engage with questions of what it means to live together with/in an increasingly wrecked earth. Thereby, they seek to move beyond the boundaries of species, humans, non-human animals, myths and realities. In the Rufffactory Ehrenfeld they will confront us with hybrid forms of representation that include carefully crafted language, gesture, movement, sound, and imaginary and invite us to explore with them new - and in these times urgently needed - modes of storytelling in the Anthropocene.


Anna Badkhen (Reading)
Moderated by Mithu Sanyal & with a videoscenery by Sandro Simon

Fisherman’s Blues is an intimate account of life in a West African fishing village, tugged by currents ancient and modern, and dependent on an ocean that is being radically transformed: The sea is broken, fishermen say. The sea is empty. The genii have taken the fish elsewhere. Here, Badkhen discovers, all boundaries are permeable–between land and sea, between myth and truth, even between storyteller and story.


Anastasia Guevel (Performance)

Between dog and wolf  is a solo dance performance on Deleuze’s Abécédaire, more precisely on “A comme Animal.” A dance on “A comme animal,” but also under, with, against, in between, at, out, after, for, through: A form that does not simply inhabit these relations, but rather experiences the shifting between the one and the other. It is an interaction between dance and philosophy that produces a moment of indetermination, during which other layers of understanding become accessible, thereby opening up to a variety of ways to relate to Deleuze’s thoughts.


Marina Guzzo (Performance)

IARA - dance for a multitude of fishes is a project that integrate art, territorial issues and women's studies. It is a performance for open and public spaces. And part of a theoretical study of Brazilian myths of nature in the Anthropocene.


Sina Seifee (Installation/Performance Lecture)

Critical Bestiaries is a long-term collaborative project that builds on Sina’s ongoing artistic research on an Iranian literary corpus from the Middle Ages. The aim of the project is to build and provoke a sustainable interest for multi-species studies (i.e. humans and non-humans with whom one must get on together), creating an artistic-scholarly space for the questions of multispecies interdependencies, translation and inheritance, technology and storytelling now.


interdisciplinary-anthropology(at) (Sandro Simon/Christoph Lange)

Jointly organized by DELTA - Volatile Waters and the Hydrosocial Anthropocene in Major River Deltas and Cologne Summer School of Interdisciplinary Anthropology (CSIA) IV: “Beyond Humanism: Cyborgs – Animals – Data Swarms”