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Subject Group 4

Ongoing doctoral dissertation projects within the Subject Group 4 (Non-European Languages, Cultures and Societies):

Dennis Gengomoi Akena
Popular Sport Culture and the Politics of State Development

Aviad Albert
A model of sonority based on pitch intelligibility

Penelope Rae Allsobrook
Every knot says a lot - Penelope's Odyssey in the Eastern Cape

Naiemeh Ariamajd
Iran im Wandel zwischen Religion und Moderne. Eine Untersuchung über die nichtehelichen partnerschaftlichen Beziehungen der jungen Generation

Meysam Asadi
Mutual Political Dependence of European Union and the USA with regard to Iran from 1957–2016

Ariya Avanloo
Ansichten und Diskurse schiitischer Theologen zur Schwertgeißelung (tatbir)

Alexander Basner
The Narration of a 'Traditional Medicine' in China´s Political Discourse

Caspar Christian Bendgens
Modir-e Madrese „Der Schuldirektor“ von Jalal Al-e Ahmad; Analyse, Interpretation und Übersetzung

Emmanuella Bih
Gender inequality in Cameroon: language practices of old women– a perspective from the household

Johanna Binnewitt
Bedeutung, Kontext, Domäne – Eine Untersuchung zum Einfluss von nicht-sprachlichen Faktoren auf strukturelle und rhetorische Texteigenschaften

Erik Blasor
Naturschutz, nachhaltige Entwicklung und institutionell umkämpfter Raum

Christoph Bracks (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
Prosodic Systems in the languages of Eastern Indonesia: The Prosody-Syntax Interface in Totoli

Lucas Brang (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
The Legal Conscience of a Rising Power – Chinese International Lawyers Between Post-Colonialism and Nationalism: 1979–Present

Agnes Simon Bruehwiler
A Stylistic Analysis of Unyago Performed by Women in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar on the Swahili Coast

Daniel Budke
Korean Sound Symbolism from a Diachronic Perspective

Uğur Çalışkan (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
Representations of the World: Appropriations and Denials of Capitalism in the Ottoman-Turkish Novel (1851–1901)

Federico Caria
Cultural representation and digital interfaces: problems and challenges

Lai Pik Chan
Foreign English Teachers in China: Opportunities and Challenges

Joana Cholango Carillo
Beziehungen und Prozesse transnationaler sozialer Unterstützung alternder Menschen in Ecuador

Taotao Cui
Mo Yan in deutscher Kritik und Übersetzung

Fabienne Cui-Wei Braukmann
Cultural Memory, Cultural Practices and Ethnic Identity among Peripatetics at Lake Abbaya, Ethiopia

Pilar-Paz Czoske
Chinese Courts as Lawmakers

Zhicheng Dai
Chuang-Tzu's view of freedom

Renato Dávalos
Religious communities of the Tamil temple-based devotional movement

Anna Dékány
Untersuchung des Dekorationsprogramms der Erscheinungssäle im Tempel von Kom Ombo

Luiz Antonio de Sousa Netto
The Tone System of Nambikwára (Southern Nambikwára Branch): a prosodic study of the Phonology and Grammar interface of a polysynthetic language of Brazil

Manon Diederich (a.r.t.e.s. alumna)
Longing to Become – On Gendered Identities and Mobilities Between Senegal and China

Katharina Diederichs
Communities of Practic in sustainable development and social change linking knowledge, communication, power and practicey

Jazmín Agreste Duarte Sckell
Machismo in the Military Dictatorships of the Southern Cone: comparative study of the symbolic representation of gender in Argentina, Chile and Paraguay.

Susanne Ebner (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
Digital India: The Smartphone as a game changer

Sebastian Ellerich
Melanesian Mainstream: Stringband Music and Identity in Vanuatu

Anouk Everts (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
Moulding Love: A Study of Changing Perceptions of Sexuality and the Body in Hellenistic Egypt and the Mediterranean through Female Egyptianising Terracotta Figurines.

Chiara Frigione
Lessico e valenza verbale: verso una morfosintassi del paleoslavo

Henrike Frye
Language Consciousness and Child Directed Speech in Quaget

Larissa-Diana Fuhrmann
Converting to Islam: White Muslims in Africa – a study on identity formation processes

Agnes Gehbald
Popular Print Culture and Reading in Late Colonial Peru

Tessa Gengnagel (a.r.t.e.s. alumna)
Superstructures. A New Approach to Knowledge Modelling in Digital Scholarly Editions

Cassandra Gerber
Hakuna Matata: Das T-Shirt als Linguistic Landscape auf Sansibar

Nadine Geßner
Hin zum „Green-Lifestyle“ – Die japanische Bio-Gesellschaft im soziokulturellen Kontext der japanischen Moderne

Monir Ghaedi
Political Islam, secular nationalism and state – building in Iraqi Kurdistan since 1950’s

Umutcan Gökce
Manifacturing Republican Bodies: The Emergence of Physical Education Politics and Sports Life during One Party Period of Turkey

Tim Graf
Belebtheit und Agentivität im Deutschen – Experimentelle Untersuchungen

David Greven
The Impact of Geothermal Energy Infrastructure on Rural Livelihood

Chenxin Guang
Social Functions and Effects of the Local Drama in China

Caishun Guo
A critical analysis on the “Co-location Arrangement”: Constitutional and Legal basis, Comparison of Alternative Arrangements, Judicial Review, Public Policy and the Legal Future to the Greater Bay Area

Moshan Guo
Study on Chinese Masculinity in Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu Films

Stephan Henn
Anthropological aspects of decision-making and their application in agent-based simulations

Simon Holdermann (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
Digitale Öffentlichkeiten und gesellschaftliche Transformation im Hohen Atlas, Marokko

Nora Aurélia Horisberger
Rhythm and relation in watery places: Ethnography of Parnaiba Delta, Brazil

Denise Hübner (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
Nomen im Nuristani

Sonja Hülsebus
Nagasaki: Eine Dark Heritage Site zwischen Erinnern und Vergessen

Niklas Hünseler
Vorstellungen über islamische Demokratie bei der ägyptischen Muslimbruderschaft, der da‘wa salafiyya und hizb al-wasat

Muhsin Muhammad Ibrahim
Kannywood and Extraterritoriality: Towards an Exploration of Religio-Cultural Incongruity in Hausa Film Industry

Benoit Ivars
People, water technologies and hydrosocial changes in the Irrawaddy river delta (Myanmar): getting the rhythm right

Jonathan Jackson
Past Futures: a developmental history of the Kilombero Valley, Tanzania

Wenyu Jing
Revolution and Tradition: The village cadres in China’s People’s Commune

Alexandra Kaiser
The Implementation of Fair Trial Rights in the Chinese Criminal Justice System

Séverin Aléance Kaji
African Students in China: Migratory projects and everyday life experiences

Kohei Kano
Die Rolle des Feedbacks auf selbstregulatorische Strategien: Untersuchung zur schriftlichen Textproduktion im Japanisch als Fremdsprache-Unterricht

Jana Katzenberg
Zwischen Konformität und Individualität – Eine kulturwissenschaftliche Perspektive auf Modemarken als identitätsstiftendes Phänomen in Japan

Joachim Knab (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
‘Moving in Zig-Zag Ways’ – Rhythms, Practices of Timing and Orientations towards the Future in a Namibian Communal Nature-Conservation Site 

Shadia Köhler
Die Taliban und die MNLF: Der Islam zwischen kultureller Tradition und Politik

Susanne Koster
Ein freche nunne den zagel gevieng. Das Frauenbild des Mittelalters im Spiegel der Ironie

Felix Maximilian Krause
Lachen bewahren. Überlegungen zu einem Archiv des Humors am Beispiel humoristischer Künste in Japan unter Berücksichtigung digitaler Arbeitsmethoden

Léa Lacan
Forest conservation in Baringo, Kenya: socio-ecological relations and shifting bio-cultural frontiers

Ying Lan
An Introduction to the Rhythm Discourse of Jing Opera

Christoph Lange
Genealogien & Stammesgeschichten arabischer Pferde – Eine vergleichende Netzwerkanalyse des transkulturellen Milieus arabischer und westlicher Züchter, Händler & Pferde-Liebhaber

Chae Won Lee
The visual regime in the digital age : How do film, photography and painting co-evolve and intersect with one another through digital technology?

Ana-Laura Lemke (a.r.t.e.s. alumna)
Kultureller Wandel der religiösen Werte und Traditionen in Westmexiko – von der Postklassik zum frühkolonialen Westmexiko

Jingru Li (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
Kommunikative Kompetenzen in der chinesischen und deutschen Dolmetscherausbildung: Fallstudien

Xu Li
The Chinese Social Credit System and the Protection of Personal data

Yuanjun Li
The Transmutation of Female Figures in Shen Congwen´s Xiangxi Novels

Yunxia Li
Die Rezeption und sozial-kulturelle Bedeutung von Kafkas Die Verwandlung in China

Xun Liu
The former seven poets of Ming Dynasty

Yanru Liu
Dancing in the Public Space: Memory, Subjectivity, Modernization

Zhongnan Liu
The Culture of Lingnan Herbal Tea

Xiuyuan Liu
The Meaning of Filial Piety: Emotion, Family Values, and Ethics in China’s Nursing Homes

Dan Lu
Research and Comparison of the Publishing Media Industry between Germany and China in Artificial Intelligence Environment

Xin Lou
Corpus-based Contrastive and Translational Studies of Modal Verbs in English and German Translations of Mo Yan’s Literary Works

Ming Lu
The conceptions, practices and negotiations of self-centered personhood by single women in contemporary China

Felix Lussem
People out of place, places out of time: Der Nexus von regionalem Niedergang und Migration

Kurt Malcher (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
Prominence relations and voice in western Austronesian languages and languages of Mesoamerica

María Nuria Martínez García (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
Syllable structure in Yucatec Spanish

Edoardo Middei
I nomi personali delle lingue sabelliche e il loro contributo alla ricostruzione del lessico e della morfologia di un gruppo di lingue di frammentaria attestazione

Seyedkeyvan Mirmohammadi
Analysis of Iranian contemporary cinema based on patterns of journey and ist adaption to the era of political and social transitions

Francisco Mondaca
Data structures in digital dictionaries: An analysis of printed metalexicographic structures and their digital correlates

Katharina Monz (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
Mobilité (linguistique) en marge de la société

Nelli Morkel
Hui women in Yunnan, China: Reinventing Sino-Islamic Identity in the Context of Religious Revival

Domenico Giuseppe Muscianisi
Onomastik der Kykladen

Jan-Hendrik Nesenhöner
Das Internet als neue „Vierte Gewalt“ in der Volksrepublik China? – Eine Untersuchung des Umgangs der chinesischen Regierung mit dem Aufstieg der Neuen Medien

Frederike Neuber
Digitale Typografie-Kritik. Die Erschließung der Typografie in Stefan Georges Werk in einer Digitalen Edition

Duy Chinh Nguyen
The role of Vijayanagara in Indian Ocean trading network (1336–1565)

Elsemi Olwage
Cartographies of the everyday: re-thinking the role of (im)mobilities in the co-production of public institutions in pastoralist societies, rural north-western Namibia

Marco Otten
Gerichte und die Öffentlichkeit in China

Sina V. Pfister (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
Relating to nature – Making sense of natural hazards and the environment in Constitución, Chile

Runshi Qin
Studies on Japanese Journalism Invasion in China during 1931-1945

Christina Rath (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
Developing Second Language Pragmatics. Internal and external modification in requests and complaints

Naoko Rech
Pragmatisch angemessene Verwendung der kausalen Verknüpfung mit „kara“ und „node“

Eva Lena Richter
The Legal Framework of Skilled Migration to China

Franziska Ritt
Idols, Anti-Idols, Underground-Idols – Pop in Japan zwischen Sub- und Massenkultur

Simon Ritter (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
Discreteness, Continuity and Robustness in the Phonological System

Anja M. Rommel
Die „Erweiterte Erkenntnistheorie“ von Feng Qi (1915–1995): Ein Annäherungsversuch an einen Entwurf der chinesischen Moderne

Soraya Rouhfar
Die Qajaren-Fayence. Stilles Erzählen von Begegnungen

Nina Rotermund
Judicial Control of Administrative Organs under the Revised Administrative Litigation Law of China

Abdelghafour Saidi
Lexical Borrowing in the Qur’ān An investigation into loanwords in the Qur’ān: origins, processes and contexts

Panitda Saiyarod
Incoming Sino - Thai Railway: The Social-Ecological Transformations along the Belt and Road Corridor Between China and Thailand

Dalal Bajes Salem
The Islamic Student Movement and Student Deleopment in Palestine

Fahime Same (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
Coherence and topic shift in discourse: A comprehensive approach to sentence and discourse topics

Corinna Scheungraber
Vom Adverb zum Präfix: Grammatikalisierung und Proklise im älteren Germanischen

Julian Schmischke (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
Practices of Journalism and News-Making in the Global Contemporary: A Case Study of Ghana

Nadine Schreiber
Die Rolle der konzeptuellen Kognition in der juristischen Textproduktion – Die Anwendung der Prinzipien der Frame-Semantik in der (unionsrechtlichen) Rechtsetzung und bei der Vertragsgenese –

Florian Sanya Chisawani Silangwa
Migration and Demographic Changes: It’s Implication on Land Transformation and Changing Socio-Economic Development in the Lake Eyasi Basin in Karatu District, Tanzania

Sandro Benjamin Simon
Nets, Plants and Hooves: The Rhythms of the Tana Delta

Moritz Sommet
Mediale Interferenzen zwischen Literatur und Pop-Musik in Japan

Borui Song
The Application of International Law in the Courts of Greater China

Lucas Soorholtz
Der chinesische Bildungsmarkt: Folgen für Urbanisierung, soziale Reproduktion und intergovernmentale Politik

Katrin Sowa (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
Doing Border, Making Nation. Infrastructural Changes and Enforcement Practices at Kenyan Border Posts

Jürgen Sproß
Technikkritische Diskurse in der chinesischen Philosophie

Sofie Steinberger (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
Die Wirkmacht politischer Grenzen – eine geschichtswissenschaftliche Analyse der Grenze zwischen Melilla und Nador

Florian Stieghorst
Tabu und Tabubruch

Jan Strunk
Relativsatzextraposition im Deutschen

Huijing Tang
The Media Functions and Role of Chinese Local Operas in Chinese Culture – With the Case Study of the Media Functions and Role of Cantonese Opera in Lingnan Culture

Katayun Tajalli
Frauenliteratur im Iran vom 19. Jahrhundert bis heute

Asangba Reginald Taluah
Praise Poetry of the Dagomba of Northen Ghana

Lena Tambs
Socio-Economic Relations and Persistence in Ptolemaic Pathyris: a Network Analytical Approach to a Pre-Modern Society

Yajun Tao
The Guiding Cases System of the Chinese Supreme People’s Court

Sree Ganesh Thotempudi
Implementation Of Digital Humanities Technologies on Indian Clasical Literature (with special Reference to  the Telugu Sri Madaandhra Mahaa BhaagavataM)

Tim Trausch
Ästhetischer Wandel im chinesischsprachigen Martial-Arts-Film

Johanna Treidl
Wetlands – Widow’s land? A Critical Investigation of Wetland Areas as Sustainable Resource for Food Security in Rwanda – What has gender got to do with it?

Erkan Tümkaya
Intermingling of Identities: Young Nusayris in Germany

Elçin Turan
Making Music, Reclaiming the Sacred: Alevi Practices Between Rural Turkey and Transnational Space

Alexandra Christa Elisa van der Wulp
Framing Futures

Hauke-Peter Vehrs
Socio-Ecological Dynamics of Invasive Plant Species in Eastern Pokot, Kenya

Nataliya Veit
Semantische Verbklassen in Tima (Niger-Kongo)

Gertrud Vobis
Sozio-ökonomische Strategien in Zentraljava, Indonesien

Nicole Wagner
Charismatic religious leaders as navigators in socio-ecological crisis in the Lake Naivasha region, Kenya

Simon Wehrle
Prosody and Communication in Second Language Learners and Speakers with Asperger Syndrome

Carmen Weinzierl
Märchen erzählen im Warteraum? Globalisierte Gesellschaften und westafrikanische Diaspora

Ulrike Wesch
Transnationale Friedensarbeit: Die Bedeutung der Friedensinitiativen der Acholi-Diaspora Großbritanniens für die Prozesse des peacebuilding in Nord-Uganda

Tanyaradzwa Whande
Wildlife-livestock-human interface in the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier conservation area: Perceptions on the threat of foot and mouth disease upon livestock in communal areas

Jenny Willett
Die Katze und der Tod im japanischen Volksglauben

Sven Wortmann
Didaktik für Tamil als Fremdsprache: Stand und Reform

Longfei Xing
Western Foreign Students in China in 1970s: Policy and Education

Zhe Xu
Assessing Virtual Reality Journalism Effects on Fostering Online Civic and Political Engagement in the Global Refugee Crisis: Comparative Study of German and Chinese Citizens

Yingying Ye
Cultural Complementarity under the Conditions of Globalization: Intercultural Education in China

Haixu Yu
Developing Judicial Autonomy in Recent Chinese Court Reforms

Karim Mohamed Zafer Bakr
Unaccompanied Minor and Youth Refugees Making a Family

Sara Zavaree
Of Woods and Winds – The Zar among „Black Iranians“ as Dynamic Archives

Souad Zeineddine (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
Made In:Between – Infrastructuring Everydayness

Frank Zickenheiner (a.r.t.e.s. Integrated Track)
Argumentation und Subordination im Diskurs

Jonas Zimmer
Die Beeinflussung der Motivation und des Verhaltens von Spielenden durch extrinsische Belohnungssysteme in digitalen Spielen