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Erste Generation Promotion – EGP e. V.

The team of EGP e. V. (Photo: Patric Fouad)

The non-profit association “Erste Generation Promotion – EGP e. V.” (“First Generation Doctorate”) was founded by doctoral students of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Cologne. Its aim is to provide information and mentoring for master's students and doctoral students who do not come from a nonacademic background.

Were you the first or one of the first in your family to go to university? Are you working on your doctorate or thinking about pursuing a doctoral degree in the humanities? Do you have questions about starting doctoral studies that remain unanswered? Are you worried about informal rules within the university and academia at large?

Only one third of all doctoral students (35%) are from nonacademic backgrounds, as shown in the 20th Deutschen Studentenwerks' yearly report on the the economic and social status of students in Germany. We want to change this! We are, ourselves, doctoral students from nonacademic backgrounds. Based on our own experience, we can give you advice and answer your questions. At our regular EGP-Meetings, you have the opportunity to meet and chat with us as well as with your peers.

Are you considering beginning a doctoral programme?

  • We offer personal mentoring to help you through your decision process.
  • We advise you individually, discussing the specific questions that you have (e.g. as they may relate to the preparation and financing of doctoral studies).

Are you currently a doctoral student?

  • We advise and support you personally with any problems that may arise throughout your doctoral programme.
  • You can join us in working toward educational equity in the higher education system.

E-Mail: egp-kontakt(at)

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