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The a.r.t.e.s. Research Lab – A Centre for Early Career Researchers

The a.r.t.e.s. Research Lab serves as the Centre for Early Career Researchers of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, offering students, doctoral candidates, postdoctoral researchers, and professors the opportunity to engage in conversation – either over a relaxing cup of tea or coffee in the lab lounge or in heated discussions at one of the numerous reading groups, workshops, summer schools, and conferences.

In line with the basic objective of a.r.t.e.s., the Research Lab is an integrative, interdisciplinary, and international research organisation. Promoting an open exchange, the Research Lab provides a space to develop new and on-going research projects and foster the academic dialogue across career stages, disciplines, scientific communities, and nationalities. In short, it offers a vibrant location where we trace the transformations of life and knowledge that constantly take place. The Lab functions as a working platform for numerous projects of participating scholars and for the discussion of innovative research in the humanities. Over the past years, postdoctoral researchers have successfully established internationally renowned research foci within philosophy and anthropology. With its academic networks and its unique atmosphere, it offers ideal working conditions for visiting fellows.

a.r.t.e.s. is open for your initiative and for the development of new research foci.

Photo: Patric Fouad