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A co-tutelage doctorate enables doctoral students to carry out their doctorates in two countries. They are supervised jointly by a faculty member of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Cologne entitled to supervise dissertations and a scholar at an international partner university. After the successful oral doctoral examination, a doctoral degree recognised by the University of Cologne and the partner university is awarded jointly.

The co-tutelage doctorate includes an obligatory stay at the partner university of at least one semester. The purpose is to improve the doctoral researcher's language skills, support his/her intercultural competence, and help him/her become familiar with the research cultures of other countries. This makes later professional work abroad easier and supports international networking.

The conditions for awarding the degree as well as all other details are laid down in a co-tutelage agreement that is prepared individually for each doctoral researcher and that is signed by the doctoral researcher, the two supervisors, the two deans, and the two rectors.

All information about the procedure of a co-tutelage doctorate is available here.

FAQ are answered here.

A fact sheet for supervisors can be downloaded here.

For questions about co-tutelage doctorates, please contact:
Aiko Wolter