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Admission to the Doctoral Examination Procedure: DISPUTATIO


Candidates must submit the following documents on time to register for the doctoral examination procedure (form of examination: disputatio):

1. Three copies of the dissertation
(The title page in accordance with Appendix 3 of the Doctoral Regulations [or Appendix 1 of the Doctoral Regulations of 2008] as well as a signed CV (at the end of each copy) are to be bound into each copy of the dissertation submitted.)

2. Your suggestions for the examination committee
(Doctoral candidates who were admitted to doctoral studies after October 1, 2012, or are completing their examinations in accordance with the Doctoral Regulations of June 11, 2015, submit this information via a.r.t.e.s. access.)

Additionally, please submit the following documents in accordance with Section 7 of the Doctoral Regulations:

3. Proof of annual consultation meetings with your supervisor
(applies to doctoral candidates who were admitted to doctoral studies in the winter semester 2012/13 or later)

4. Signed CV
(Three identical copies are already bound into the copies of the dissertation.)

5. Certified copies of degree certficates (university degrees)

6. The signed declarations as required in Section 7
(see form in the download area)

7. Proof of language skills, as appropriate
(in accordance with the relevant Doctoral Regulations)

8. Proof of German language skills, as appropriate

9. Proof of conditions fulfilled, as appropriate (if conditions were imposed on your admission, you will find them on your letter of admission)

10. Letter of admission to doctoral studies
(prior to 2012: ‘Bescheinigung zur Vorlage beim Studierendensekretariat‘)

11. Proof of matriculation
(regarding the semesters required for doctoral studies at the University of Cologne, in accordance with the Doctoral Regulations applicable, as well as the semester in which the examination takes place)

12. The three topics of the theses
(to be defended during the examination)

13. Proof of participation in the introductory event
(applies to doctoral candidates admitted to doctoral studies after June 11, 2015)

14. A digital version of the dissertation as 1 PDF file or 1 MS Word document (CD)

15. List of the academic achievements accomplished during doctoral studies, equivalent to 12 CP
(signed by the department or the primary supervisor)

16.  A list of publications that are related to your dissertation but that were published before submitting the final version. Please also provide us with three copies of each publication.

17. In the case of a co-tutelage doctorate, additional documents may be required in accordance with the relevant co-tutelage agreement.