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Doctoral dissertation project of Philipp Battermann

The doctoral project examines the phenomenology of transgenerational traumatisation in the context of psychotraumatology. It seeks to systematically analyse the ways and forms in which transgenerational traumatisation manifests in the concrete biographies and life worlds of affected individuals. In order to avoid a naturalistic deformation of subjective experience,  the late phenomenology of philosopher Edmund Husserl and the subsequent sociology of Alfred Schütz are engaged in a dialogue with themes from psychotraumatology, originating from the work of Sigmund Freud.

The three methodological central concepts that are to be historically and philosophically examined in connection here are "Transcendental Aesthetics" (Husserl), "Life-world" (Schütz), and "Trauma" (Freud). The project explores their interrelatedness, both from a philosophical and historical perspective, with a particular emphasis on investigating the extent to which expressions of transgenerational traumatisation can be construed as experiences of past historical events and how they can be incorporated into or even should be incorporated into historiographical work.

Overall, this work aims to contribute to the integration of philosophical phenomenology, sociological life-world research, and the foundations of psychoanalysis into the theoretical reflection and practice of historical sciences.


Short Biography:

Philipp Battermann obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Cologne, with his research focusing on Helmuth Plessner's philosophical anthropology and the phenomenology of Edmund Husserl. Currently, he is employed as a research assistant at the Husserl Archive in Cologne. His primary areas of research interest encompass generative phenomenology, transgenerational justice, and the philosophy of history.




(2023) Die Gestalteigenschaft der Harmonie in der Phänomenologie Husserls und die bloß wirkliche unter den möglichen Welten, in: Diler Ezgi Tarhan (ed.), Schriften zur Phänomenologie Husserls, London: Transnational Press, 187-203. (Turkish translation forthcoming)

(2023, forthcoming) Die Generationenaufgabe der starken Dichtung: Richard Rortys Freudrezeption und ihre Weiterentwicklung in Kontingenz, Ironie und Solidarität, in: Journal Phänomenologie

(2023, forthcoming) From scientific Tradition to immediate »Sittlichkeit«: What are the limits of an archaeology of original meaning?, in: Discipline Filosofiche, 33(2)


Conferences / Workshops Organisation & Assistance

2022 Student Co-Organiser at Summer School for Classical German Philosophy by Marquette University and University of Cologne

2022 Student Co-Organiser at Summer School for Genetic Phenomenology by Gphen in Warsaw, Poland
2022 Organiser of the Susanne Langer Reading Circle at University of Cologne with Mira Krebs

2023 Organiser of the a.r.t.e.s Forum Challenging Surroundings at University of Cologne with Julia Becker, Leonie Carell & Alex Miller-Noe, Runa Ya and Nils Bühler



2020 Presentation in the colloquium Phänomenologische Werkstatt of the Husserl Archive at Husserl Archive Cologne „Anschauungsgründe personaler Identität? Die Primordialreduktion im Kontext von Leibniz und Goffman.“

2021 Presentation in the Workshop Phenomenology at Husserl Archive Cologne “Harmonie und soziale Ästhetik”.

2022 Presentation in the summer school for genetical phenomenology by Gphen at Warsaw “Shapes of Historical Time: Forming of epochal terms through analytical elucidation and explicative contemplation”.

2022 Presentation in the second Austrian summer school for phenomenology in Graz (online) “Conditions and Limits of autobiography? Memory between transcendental aesthetics and empirical apperception.”.

2023 Presentation in the Séminaire des doctorant.e.s en phénoménologie (Paris), « L’Origine de la géométrie de Husserl et son héritage », “From scientific tradition to immediate Sittlichkeit: What are the limits of an archaeology of original meaning?”.