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Dissertationproject of Lou Thomine

« SANDRA: […] It may seem like irrefutable proof, but it actually warps everything. That is not reality. It’s our voices, but it’s not who we are. VINCENT: You need to start seeing yourself the way others are going to perceive you. It's very hard to do, but you can’t just say: "You don’t understand, I know I’m innocent." A trial is not about "The Truth", it's about who's the most convincing. » Anatomie d’une chute, a movie by Justine Triet (2023) © Les Films Pelléas/Les Films de Pierre.

Testimonial Injustice, Stereotypes and Evidentialism (working title)

My research work focuses on epistemic injustices, the epistemology of stereotypes and their relations with other epistemological debates. More precisely, I try to develop novel understandings of testimonial injustice and stereotypes that focus on first-person perspectives and belief acquisition based on evidence. I build and defend an acquisitionalist, evidentialist and internalist view of stereotypes.


Short biography:
Lou Thomine is a PhD candidate in the Cologne Center for Contemporary Epistemology and the Kantian Tradition (CONCEPT) at the University of Cologne. She is interested in questions at the intersection of epistemology, social philosophy, and ethics. She translated from English to French Miranda Fricker’s book Epistemic Injustice: Power and the Ethics of Knowing (2007) and is the co-author of an anthology Epistemic Injustice and Violence. Her website is https://www.louthomine.com/ .


Contact:  louthomine(at)gmail.com