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Cooperation with DOMiD

In addition to the possibility of suggesting a research project in cooperation with an institution of their own choice, applicants are also welcome to propose/apply with a project based on an existing cooperation with DOMiD (Documentation Center and Museum of Migration in Germany).

Please note that the practical and professional focus and the practice phase must arise from the research project itself and must have a scientific basis.

Potential doctoral projects in cooperation with DOMiD could address the following subjects:
„Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday – Museum and Collection in the Contemporary Digital Present“ -
Research and processing of digital discourses about migration and its collection as contemporary cultural assets.

As one of today’s most important global phenomena, migration is widely discussed in the digital realm: social-media content, homepages, digital campaigns. These discourses have a decisive influence on politics and on ways of living together in Europe and therefore must be recorded and saved for following generations. Due to the fast pace of change digital contents will be „history“ tomorrow. For archives and museums, this raises urgent questions for future collection practice. Archiving digital material likewise concerns theoretical and practical (e.g. technical) questions of collecting, digital/analogue exhibiting and making use of immaterial cultural assets, as well as legal and ethical questions of copyright and licensing.

In this context, the Virtual Migration Museum of DOMiD can be used as a starting point for a possible research project due to its digital nature and the underlying theme.

Of course, it is also possible to apply with a research project that does not deal with digital transformations.

Partner institution:
DOMiD – Documentation center and Museum of Migration in Germany (Cologne)
DOMiD collects and preserves materials on the history of migration. In addition, the association sees its task in researching and exhibiting them. The history of immigration in Germany is to be presented to a broad public. In addition to its museum and archival work, DOMiD organises events, conferences and lectures and answers historical and current questions on international migration and its impact in Germany. DOMiD seeks to support people with a refugeee background or familial migration history, People of Color (PoC) und BIPoC and encourages employees with experience in museums or archives and interest in aspects of migration (migration history), escape and transculturality to apply.

In your research proposal, please formulate your key research question on the above-mentioned topic area and explain to what extent the topic requires a profession oriented focus. Please also comment on social and scientific relevance of your research.

Contact (Mercator-Scholarship):
Dr. Andrea Dauber

For the confirmation letter of the proposed non-academic institution (to be handed in by November 17, 2020) please contact Dr. Katrin Schaumburg: