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Academic English – Writing

In today’s globalized academic world, it is easy to see why English is a very important language. Most academic journals request submissions in English and most conferences with international participants are held in English, too. Although most of us can speak the language quite well, it is sometimes still difficult to find the right words when writing an essay. Verbatim translations from other languages often fail to convey the meaning correctly, or they do not have the desired effect. Sometimes, they might even lead to serious misunderstandings.

The workshop “Academic English Writing” will focus on specific key areas, in which Early Stage Researchers might desire or need improvement: 1. The effective usage of idiomatic language, translated terms, and rhetorical devices; 2. The correct implementation of grammar and punctuation; 3. The elimination of common and most frequent mistakes; 4. The enhancement of an academic writing style. The structure of the workshop will be a combination of theory and practice as far as practicable.

All of these issues will be dealt with in a casual setting, which allows for repetition whenever needed, questions to be asked at any time, and the adaption to the needs of the participants. To be able to focus on examples of our own academic writing, participants will be asked to submit an English essay or excerpt of approximately 800–1000 words two weeks prior to the workshop.

This course is offered in English.

Instructor: Lee Klein

Lee Klein has studied Philosophy and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Cologne. From 2009 until 2013 she was a student assistant and from 2013 until today research assistant at the Department of Philosophy and the Thomas Institut. Her work primarily consists in proofreading and editing as well as translating scientific texts, publications and proposals. In the past few years, she has also translated several articles for scientific volumes of the US American publisher Wiley-Blackwell. Within the scope of a.r.t.e.s. praxis, she is lecturer for the workshops “Academic English Writing” and “Academic English Presentation” since 2015.