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Doctoral dissertation project of Souad Zeineddine

Made In:Between – Infrastructuring Everydayness (working title)

By the means of de:recomposing (Strathern 1992; Street & Copeman 2014; Verran 2001) the knowledge Infrastructure (Edwards et al. 2013) of transnational (Pries 2003) blue economies (Potgieter 2018; Silver et al. 2015; The Blue Economy: Growth, Opportunity and a Sustainable Ocean Economy 2015; United Nations 2016) this project seeks to contest the current concepts of and within the “infrastructural turn” (Bowker 1994; Bowker & Star 1999, 2000). Within this project I seek to undertake the de:recomposition work by pointing out the relationality (Haraway & Kenney 2015;) of multiple-sites (Clifford & Marcus 2008; Faubion & Marcus 2009; Henne 2017; Knecht 2012, 2013; Marcus 2002, 2012; Suarez 2018) of transnational blue economies (Yates et al. 2017). Additionally, I seek to understand and conceptualize the multiple-sites within the meta-code (Rottenburg 2009) of a project based polis (Boltanski et al. 2006; Boltanski & Thévenot 1991) wherein the logics of multiple compost heaps (Kenney 2015) overlap, contradict and amplify each other in relation to each other.

Furthermore, I hope (Beckert 2018; Cross 2015; Eggerman & Panter-Brick 2010; Jansen 2016; Kleist & Jansen 2016; Miyazaki 2006; Narotzky & Besnier 2014; Pavesich 2011; Zournazi 2003) that my analytical and theoretical framework which will be developed by the means of de:recomposing the Dashboard Museum Collective (DMC) in relation to the World Museum Collective (WMC)1 will point out a conceptual fallacy within the broad debate on infrastructures and their alter-political lives (Barad 2003; Connor 2017; Tuin 2012; Venkatesan et al. 2018).

1 The Dashboard Museum Collective (DMC) as well as the World Museum Collective (WMC) are fictionalizations. Fictionalization as a practice of anonymizing date generated within a highly sensitive sites of research was highly inspired through my reading of Far-fetched facts – a parable on development Aid (Rottenburg 2009).


Short Biography

Souad Zeineddine is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at the a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne and a research associate at the Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research (WiSER) at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. As part of the a.r.t.e.s. EUmanities global programme, Souad Zeineddine is pursuing her doctorate within the project “Envisioning-Scaling-Infrastructruing: The port of Durban and its city” (Working title). After completing her Master’s degree in Transcultural Studies (University of Bremen), she received a transitional scholarship from the Collaborative Research Initiative, Worlds of Contradiction, at the University of Bremen. Furthermore, she is associated with the WoC network initiative and the Bremen NatureCultures Lab as well as a member of the German Anthropological Association (GAA).

Her academic interests lie in ethnographic theory, de_postcolonial theory, new materialism, queer and feminist Theory, STS Anthropology and (postcolonial and feminist) STS.

Contact: szeinedd(at)



Zeineddine, Souad (2019): Reversal of the gaze – Epistemic violence, epistemic reconciliation, response-able knowledge production [Web-Blog] Wie weiter mit Humboldts Erbe? Ethnographische Sammlung neu denken.

Zeineddine, Souad (2018): Imagine decolonizing the law – what would happen? [Web-Blog] Wie weiter mit Humboldts Erbe? Ethnographische Sammlung neu denken.

Zeineddine, Souad et al. (2018): Das Flurgespräch als ethnographisches Feld. [Web-Blog] What´s in a name? Wofür steht die Umbenennung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde?

Klaas, Franziska und Zeineddine, Souad (2018): Differenzmaschine Kapitalismus. [Web-Blog ]

Zeineddine, Souad (2018): Hauptsache Holzzahnbürste. [Web-Blog ]


Cover photo by Souad Zeineddine // Portrait photo: Patric Fouad

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