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Getting to “Done”: Time Management Top Tips for Doctoral Students and Researchers

“Where did the day go?” With multiple tasks to juggle, constant interruptions, and much more freedom and less guidance than you had during undergraduate studies, it can be difficult to get the right things done for your graduate degree or postdoc position and in the right amount of time. This seminar offers a mix between long-term planning strategies, analysis of personal strengths and areas of improvement, and time-tested techniques that are easy to implement into your already busy schedule.
After successful participation in this course, participants will have

  • discussed several classic techniques for setting priorities, working more efficiently, and finding positive ways to motivate oneself (discussion, writing);
  • discussed long-term planning strategies, to breaking down the plan into weekly and daily goals (discussion, writing, homework);
  • learned a wealth of tips for managing your supervisor, working successfully with colleagues, and juggling personal and work demands;
  • learned techniques for boundary-setting and saying “no” (discussion); and analyzed their own time wasters and developed strategies to overcome them (discussion, writing).

Instructor: Dr. Carrie B. Dohe

For several years, Carrie B. Dohe has taught this and other seminars at myriad universities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. She also presented at numerous international conferences and published articles on my research in peer-reviewed journals.