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Academic English – Presentation

As a researcher, presenting your ideas and research results to an audience is essential. However, it can be quite stressful to publicly speak in a language that is not our mother tongue, and insecurity might get in the way of a vivid presentation. Thus, this workshop aims at providing important tools for a successful presentation.

The workshop “Academic English Presentation” will combine theory and practice as much as possible, which is supposed to give each participant the tools for putting together a good presentation, be positive about speaking to a larger audience in English, and even answer unexpected questions. To reach this goal, we will focus on the usage of rhetorical devices and visual aids as well as on controlling body language and vocal intonation. All participants will then have the opportunity to give a short presentation on topics of their choice as well as to chair someone else’s talk to practice speaking in front of an audience.

The casual setting of the workshop will make it easier for the participants to speak freely and immediately try to apply newly acquired tools. Due to the rather small number of participants, it will always be possible to ask questions, discuss certain issues and repeat specific topics at any time. To make sure that the workshop runs smoothly, participants are asked to schedule some time for the preparation of a presentation between the first and second/third session of the workshop.

This course is offered in English.

Instructor: Lee Klein

Lee Klein has studied Philosophy and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Cologne. From 2009 until 2013 she was a student assistant and from 2013 until today research assistant at the Department of Philosophy and the Thomas Institut. Her work primarily consists in proofreading and editing as well as translating scientific texts, publications and proposals. In the past few years, she has also translated several articles for scientific volumes of the US American publisher Wiley-Blackwell. Within the scope of a.r.t.e.s. praxis, she is lecturer for the workshops “Academic English Writing” and “Academic English Presentation” since 2015.